Oes Multi-taskingreally make a person more productive? & How does ADD/ADHD affect the efficiency of Multi-tasking”?

*** NOTE *** I have ADD/ADHD and my paper should lean towards Multi-taskingNOT working for individuals who DO & DO NOT have ADD/ADHD. ***

***IMPORTANT*** I will be uploading all the work Ive handed in so far: Paper Proposal, Outline, and rough draft; this is so that the writer can acknowledge my topic and why I chose it, what I already know about the topic, and what I want to know about the topic I have chosen *** PLEASE NOTE *** My Outline, and rough draft did NOT receive full credit because of insufficient work, I am showing the writer so that they can see where I was taking an approach from with my work, hoping they can continue, improve, add to, and perfect it.

* Bibliography citation required in APA format. ()

* The outline used to format for the Rough/Final draft is the following:
-Introductory paragraph: contains hook, background, thesis, and preview (after thesis Preview”… hints to points…
-Main Point 1 (TOTAL OF 4-6 MAIN POINTS): clear introduction/point to be proved, evidence to present, commentary/analysis FOR EACH evidence presented
after ALL 4-6 MAIN POINTS comes the Conclusion: this should be similar to the introductory paragraph.

***NOTE*** The conclusion should be the ONLY place that expresses ANY personal opinion. ***

***IMPORTANT*** Sources should be from REPUTABLE SOURCES ***