Oes multiculturalism strengthen or undermine the Canadian identity?

this essay must include a bibliography
a references should appear by author, in alphabetical order and follow an accepted format. Finally, essays should be typed, double
-spaced and printed single sided on white paper.
These a?rulesa are accepted throughout the Academy and should be followed. An instructor/tutor requires
room alongside the text of your essay to write comments and the numbering of pages enables specific
sections to be identified when commenting on the gen
eral quality of the paper. Any academic essay
should be well
researched and well
In the first instance, it is extremely important to read and consult a variety of sources before sitting down
to write. This will help you
the author
ne what is factually relevant and useful for your paper. It
is important that you strike a balance between fact and analysis. A regurgitation of facts without any
meaningful analysis is just as bad as fifteen pages of unfounded (and / or) ungrounded assump
tions. So,
be sure to include quotes and borrowed ideas in the context of your argument, rather than leaving them
a?floatinga between paragraphs or sentences. Remember, no two thousand word essay can discuss any one
topic in its totality, so be certain to j
ustify what you have decided to focus on and devise your essay
accordingly. In terms of structure and content essays should contain:
i ·
A clearly formulated introduction which indicates the topic and focus of the essay
this includes
a thesis statement. Re
member, the objective of your paper (and most academic essays) is to
present a persuasive and well balanced argument!
i ·
A paragraph that explains how the essay will be structured (i.e., which part of the paper will deal
with which aspect of the topic).
i ·
indication of the concepts and/or theories underpinning the essay
i ·
A conclusion that summarises the arguments presented and justifies the exclusion of others
i ·
A properly formatted bibliography which indicates all borrowed sources, both cited (e.g., quoted
rectly) and mentioned (e.g., paraphrased)
i ·
A title page and a word count
A clearly articulated argument will always impress. To achieve written clarity you should aim to be
creative with your ideas rather than with your language and/or sentence structure.
To this end, avoid using
analogies, metaphors, and any other a?devicea which might confuse the argument and the person charged
with grading your essay.