Oes music affect cognitive development?”

For this assignment, choose a newspaper item that deals with some issue that relates to educational psychology. Use this news article to identify the topic that will serve as the basis of your paper. For example, if your newspaper article is on the effects multi-tasking on learning, then your topic could focus on the importance of downtime for retention. Once you have selected your article, you will need to find one additional empirical study that focuses on the topic. An empirical article is an original study (not a review of research or chapter in a book) with an introduction, methods, results, and discussion. The research study may be any of the types you are already familiar with, i.e., descriptive, correlational, experimental, or action research). The research study should have been published in the year 2000 or later.

The comparative review is due Week 7, no later than Monday, Oct. 18. In the review, you will be expected to do the following: (a) identify an educational psychology topic from at a news article published in the last 10 years, (b) locate a research study from a scholarly journal (the Journal of Educational Psychology, Journal of Educational Research, Review of Educational Research, for example; see page 254 of the text for a partial list; you can also use the list of references at the end of each chapter for suggestions) published in the last 10 years, (c) provide a summary of the two articles (be sure to include examples) including the type of research from your scholarly journal (experimental, correlational, etc.), (d)examine the relationship between the articles by comparing them, noting the similarities and differences, (e) determine conclusions you can draw about the topic, and (f) include your reaction to the findings including (1) why you selected it,(2) how it relates to your educational interests, and (3) whether or not you found it to be of valuea€and why.
Be sure that all of the writing that you submit is your own. If you use a direct quote, be sure you put it in quotation marks (they are very cheap!). If you quote or paraphrase, be sure you acknowledge your source(s) and that you do it in proper MLA or APA format. Use the library tab within Blackboard for more information on proper citations for both styles or look under the Tools tab for examples and more information on each. Be sure to include the references used at the end. You will be graded on grammar and spelling as well as content. Be sure that your resources are current. Do not include anything prior to 2000. The review should be a minimum of three pages (more is OK) and sent to the instructor via Blackboard email (messages). This assignment is not an essay in which you express your opinions or share your experiences. Write in the third person. The only section in which you express your personal views is section (f) asking for your reaction.

I have two sites to use as I have to have one news article and one empirical article they are

Article fatherhoodchannel.com/2010/10/06/from-tots-to-teens-music-helps-children-succeed-006/

Or you can chose two of your own