Oes obesity reshape our sense of taste?

Biology 111L a Life Science Laboratory
: Title page containing bibliographic information, your essay, and a photocopy of the
1. On the title page, type the following information:
a. Name of author or authors of the article.
b. Publication date of the article (It should not be older than 18 months).
c. Title of the article.
d. Name of the journal/magazine from which the article was taken.
e. Page numbers on which the article appears within the journal/magazine (or its web
2. The essay must be at least 2 but not more than 4 full pages and it must be typed (use
double spacing, a 12 point regular font, and 1 inch margins). Include:
a. A brief summary of the article (In your own words, what was the article about?).
b. Describe the merits of the article (Are the main points supported by evidence,
data, citation and/or source?).
c. Describe what you learned and discuss how this knowledge affects or applies to
you (What did you learn and how have your values, attitudes, and/or behaviors
been altered by reading it?).
d. List three questions raised in your mind by reading the article.
3. Photocopy the article and append it to your critique.

Here are some information about my article:
Author: Kyle Hacker
Publication date: November 21, 2013
Title of the Article: Does obesity reshape our sense of taste?
Name of the magazine: Science Daily
Website address: 131121154944.htm