Oes our society place too much importanc on appearance? Consider arguments from various sides of the question

My essay needs to be an arumentative essay. I need to identify the main arguments surrounding the particular issue I mentioned above and recommend a position and/or a course of action that I believe best solves the controversy. This essay needs to include 4 sources using MLA style.
Here is an outline of the assignment checklist.

Content should show a sound knowledge of the different arguments surrounding the issue, with due attention to ethical and emotional considerations but with the emphasis on logic. The scope of discussion should be sufficiently narrowed for the assignment length . The debate should be placed in a specific context (e.g. censorship of the Dixie Chicks after their criticisms of US President Bush). Your thesis should be a thoughtful, imaginative response to the controversy.

Organization should feature appropriate use of comparison contrast and cause effect patterns. Arguments on the side(s) yon oppose should be placed before counterarguments from the position you support.

Style should reflect a moderate, respectful, serious tone.

You will integrate references to at least four sources and use correct and complete MLA documentation.