Oes political instability have any effect on the SME sector: with a specific focus on HR

The Dissertation Proposal should cover the following areas:
a? a contextual background including organisational history and summary, departmental or issue-related context; you should also briefly outline your relationship to the organisation(s) featuring in the research e.g. employee, external consultant/researcher; you should also provide a provisional title for your dissertation;
a? aims and objectives of the proposed research, detailed in a way which clearly illustrates and describes the hypotheses and/or key research questions you intend to explore;
a? literature review exploring and critically evaluating relevant recent academic literature, policy documents and corporate information which describes previous relevant research, evaluation of relevant intellectual ideas and policy/organisational issues and sets the scene, academically, for the research proposal;
a? methodology; how you intend to carry out the research and why you have selected particular methods of research over others;
a? proposed timescales and milestones; action plan (i.e. a Gantt Chart)
Your dissertation proposal will be assessed according to the following criteria:
(a) The proposal MUST meet the requirements for your award. In the case of the MA Management you must study a topic related to the challenges and opportunities of being a manager. Some of these will have been raised during the course.
(b) The following criteria will be used to assess your proposal providing it meets the requirement (a) above:
1. The clarity and conciseness of background/context to the research;

2. The intelligence, relevance and clarity of research objectives, questions and/or hypotheses;

3. The extent to which relevant literature has been critically reviewed and evaluated;

4. The validity of methodology, the degree to which it is appropriate for the proposed research project, and awareness of ethical issues;

5. The viability of the project, including plan of activities and timescale.