Oes proper education on pros and cons of neonatal circumcision help parents make a better decision on the procedure?

1.Complete a literature review by selecting five research articles (one quantatative and one qualitative and others can be any types of jouranl article
2.Identify the theoretical basis(choose one nursing theory)for addressing the research question/problem.
3.Develop a methodology ( your own methods on how you are gonna carry out research) for addressing the research question/problem.
4.Develop a plan and identify interventions to address the research question/problem in your nursing practice


i. Title page
ii. Problem/Question Statement
iii. Literature Review
iv. Theoretical Foundation
v. Methodology for Research
vi. Plan and Implementation of Research
vii. Conclusion
viii. Reference page

please message me if you have any questions on instruction. I dont want to pay for something that doesnt meet these requirements.