Oes Racism Contribute to the Over-Representation of Black African -Caribbean Women in The Mental Health System”?

Criteria for the dissertation:

Social Work dissertation generic outcome:

The aim is to integrate the skills and knowledge base underpinning social work programme and to synthesize knowledge of empirical studies, social theory and social policy and to employ appropriate skills of analysis and research awareness.
To focus knowledge and skills on a specific question and to link social science knowledge to applied context in order to reflect critically on my performance in carrying out a sustained piece of work.

For example: the topic should Identify, formulate and make proposals for solving a problem, making use of complex knowledge and project management skills and effective communication skills working within a client group as appropriate.

And demonstrate synthesis and application of problem solving skills in a complex and unpredictable scenario.
Develop a critical investigation of an appropriate question related to social work practice. Such as current research studies, current knowledge of best social work practice and ensure my professional development.

The key requirements for the dissertation are that the topic and discussion should be within the field of social work and that it should be worthy of exploration at degree level. There is no one correct format for the presentation for the project. However, it should be written in chapters and I wish to advice you to develop your personal style. However, please pay attention to the following required format bellow: