Oes religion prevent women to have an academic career?

Use Times New Roman 12 point font, 2.5 cm. margins all round. Do not leave extra space between paragraphs but do indent each paragraph using the TAB key. The introduction should be 10% of the total length of the essay. In a research paper 12-15 lines is considered acceptable. Include at least one direct quotation per paragraph, as well as summarized material. You can add short Clarifying quotationsand, if the idea needs more support, additional quotations direct or indirect may be added. Quotations are used only to support your argument. The conclusion must sum up the main points of the counterargument and supporting argument, then explain how youve proved your thesis. The second part of the conclusion is for your ideas suggestions, projections or something youve learned in the course of doing research. There should be a Works Cited section at the end. The research paper must refer knowledgeably to at least four articles from the course book which I send you, and at least four more articles from the Internet or the library.