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Hi, I will sent t you soon my supervisor feedback on my Literature review and the grade that he gave me

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hi this is the feedback of my supervisor:
This is a very clear and well thought out review of
the literature related to your chosen topic of the
impact of remittances on poverty reduction with
particular ref erence to Somalia. Your review is based
on a very good number and range of sources and
these are very ef f ectively integrated into your
discussion. The approach that you take in reviewing
the literature, f irstly considering the wider research
on remittances and their ef f ects on poverty
reduction, and secondly f ocussing on the specif ic
case of Somalia, works very well and allows you to
examine in some detail and depth the extent to which
Somalia is an exceptional case.
Your review is very well researched and your
sources are consistently and appropriately
ref erenced in the text with a f ull listing of the works
you have consulted provided at the end. The extent
of your research is commendable and strengthens
the points that you make in the course of the review.
The overall presentation of the material is very clear
and well organised, and apart f rom a f ew minor
errors, your writing is f luent and you express your
ideas well. In addition to covering the literature
ef f ectively and making some critical observations on
the available data on remittances, your discussion
also develops a clear and coherent line of argument
that connects the literature review with the
subsequent chapters and focus of the study at the
heart of your investigation into whether remittances
can help poverty reduction in the case of Somalia.
Overall, this is a very good review and chapter f or
your dissertation. If you can continue to research
your dissertation in such detail and depth, this will
ensure that the final work is also of a high standard.
First marker: Nick Sage

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This is all comments and feetbcaks that my supervisor gave so you can use it as guide lane

Added on 20.04.2015 00:19
i can see the changes that you made in the questionnaire thanks for that

Kindly can you add 350-400 words of the research limitations and potential problems, also I need you to mention that we done piloting before actually implementation of the research, also if there was any difficulties during the process of the research and how you can overcome those difficulties

you should also include some critical self-reflection on your own primary research as this is an important part of any dissertation carrying out first-hand research. For example, as your sample was drawn entirely from the Somali diaspora in Northampton, how representative is it of the Somali population as a whole. Can one generalise from this sample, or is it essentially a qualitative sample that provides insights but not ones that can be extrapolated to the whole population?