I will send it liter

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Hi, I need very good quality piece of work, particularly synthesis piece writing instead of critical analysis

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I need as well to make the resources more than 40 because I have some resource that i have mentioned when i have wrote my dissertation Proposal. And my dissertation is:
(DOES REMITTANCE HELP IN REDUCING POVERTY? Case Study on Somalia) so please use it this and other 20 resources and here they are:

Bracking, S & Sachikonye, L., 2006. Remittances, poverty reduction and the informalisation of household wellbeing in Zimbabwe. Available at: /ac.uk/pdfs/wp/WP6%20North%20African%20Migration%20Systems.pdf [Accessed 8 October 2014].

Human Development Report. (2012). Empowering Youth for Peace and Development. Available: hdr.undp.org/sites/default/files/reports/242/somalia_report_2012.pdf. Last accessed 13 Oct 2014
Jongwanich, J., 2008. Workersremittances, economic growth and poverty in developing Asia and the Pacific countries. Bangkok: UN, UNESCAP Working Paper.
Kapur, D., 2004. Remittances: the new development mantra?
Available at: …/swb_complete_report.pdf. Last accessed 10 Oct 2014.

(This is list of references and many more will be utilised later in the actual dissertation piece of work.)
Africa Renewal, 2013. Somali diasporai??s remittances cast a lifeline.
Available at: /pdf
[Accessed 10 October 2014].
Farah, A., 2009. Diaspora involvement in the development of Somalia
Available at: siteresources.worldbank.org/INTCPR/Resources/WP38_web.pdf
[Accessed 15 October 2014].
Plasterer, R., 2011. Transnational philanthropy.
Available at: 2013/aug/09/somalia-remittances-options-barclays
[Accessed 10 October 2014].
UNCTAD, 2013. Maximizing the development impact of remittances.
Available at: ditctncd2011d8_en.pdf
[Accessed 14 October 2014].