Oes RTI (Response to Intervention) improve the academic outcomes for students with reading disabilities?

Major Assignment 2: Issue Paper
(Assignment Guidelines)
You are required to write a research paper (5-7 Pages, double-spaced) about a topic that is educationally significant to a professional dealing with an exceptional individual. You may select your own topic, but it
must relate to an important issue in the field of special education.

An issue is something like, a?Does inclusion improve the academic outcomes of students with learning disabilities?a? or a?What is the impact of the Response to Intervention approach on classification rates.a? The paper should not be a review of topics like a?how to teach readinga? or a?how to improve social skills.a?

The paper must include a minimum of five references from professional journals, which can be accessed through the Rowan Library online resources. At least three of these references should be from studies that have actually collected data related to the topic. Your emphasis should be on data-based outcomes over a?expertasa? opinions. This is not an essay. It is a scientific research paper.

The full guidelines for this assignment are as follows:

1. Select a topic relating to an important issue in the field of specia leducation. Based upon your interests, the topic can relate to a certain type of exceptionality or exceptionalities, laws or policies, historicalissues that influence practice in special education, or the use of effective intervention.

2. At least five research articles should be reviewed in your paper to describe the relevant research-based best practice and to support your argument and discussion.

3. Clearly describe the findings of the articles and relate them to yourexperiences. Provide your comments, critiques, and suggestions tofurther discuss your understanding of the issue.

4. Provided references and citations as the final page of the report.
Your completed assignment should be 5-7 Pages, Double-Spaced.