Oes Silver Alloy Coated Foley Catheters Reduce Urinary Catheter Infections

Please include the following 2 sources plus find 4 more include at least 1 from a Nursing research article, in this research paper.

1. A prospective, controlled, randomized study of the effect of a slow-release silver device on the freuency of urinary tract infection in newly catheterized patients. Authors T. Reiche, G. Lisby, S. Jorgennsen, B. Christensen, and J. Nordling. (2000).
From BJU International.

2. Audit of catheter-associated UTI using silver alloy-coated Foley catheters. Author Coral Seymour (2006) From British Journal of Nursing.

Here are some other requirements .

Research question needs to be stated in interogative form.
Purpose Describe what the author hoped to discover through this research.
State the purpose of each reseasrch article.
Discuss the major findings of each research article.
Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each reseasrch article
Summarize the main findings presented in the research articles.