Oes single parenthood increase the probability of teenage promiscuity, substance use, and crime

Each summary and critique may be no longer than 4 pages, double spaced with 1 inch margins, and 11-12 point Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri, or Cambria font. The summary and critiques will include the following components:
a? Summary
a? The purpose of the study and the research questions and/or the research hypotheses
a? A description of the study characteristics (e.g., experimental, longitudinal, prospective, retrospective, case study, cross sectional, nonexperimental, quasi-experimental, etc)
a? A description of the sampling strategies and the final study sample (including sample size and description of the sample)
a? A brief summary of the intervention methods used (if applicable)
a? A summary of how data were collected
a? Operational definitions of the variables that were studied (be brief, but remember to explain how the researcher(s) defined all variables, including independent and dependent or predictor and criterion).
a? The main findings and the ways in which they were interpreted by the author(s). This should include appropriate statistics, p-values, etc.
a? Decisions reached by the author(s) regarding hypotheses (if applicable)
a? The conclusions reached by the author(s)