Oes size matter?The Impact of Models Body Size on Womens Body-Focused Anxiety and Advertising Effectiveness

My topic should be about that media affects womans selfesteem because every women today always trys to reach size 0. Therefore I wish maybe a case that because of eating disorder somebody died my table contents was structered :1. Introduction
2. 4 Facts about the womenas body image today
3. What itas like to live with an eating disorder
a. 10 womens share their stories
4. Dove Real Beauty Campaign Turns 10: How A Brand Tried To Change The Conversation About Female Beauty
Just to give you a kind of idea but the table of contents could be also moderate.
Please put case studies n the paper and that it is enjoyable and interesteing to read not just like the normal papers where everything is just describe in a boring way.

moreover the paper needs to be :
APA Style
In-teext citation capitalization, Quotes and Italics/Underlining
Short Quotations
long Quotation
Summary or Paraphrase

just a mixture of it

moreover it needs to have :
title page
an abstract
main body
conclusion summary
a running head

So all in all this paper shpudl show how drastical aafct media can influence womens body image of today and maybe which campaig for example dove are against this thin beauty idea they tell woman to be pretty how they are and not to go with the stream where everybody think more skinnier is better something llike this .
maybe an author note to begin
sample of studies maybe with a chart how much people hav eating disrders in the US