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.Problem Identification & Critical Thinking 45%
Specific, meaningful, and original business oriented Project aim and objectives Critical review and evaluation of the literature and findings with meaningful contribution.

.Research Skills & Knowledge 35%
Comprehensive research; appropriate data collection methods and sampling, if applicable; meaningful analysis and interpretation of the data

.Writing Skills 10%
Including structure and presentation

.Accurate Referencing 10%

Title Page:
The title page must include the following:
The Title of the project: although the title of the project is a personal matter it should be one that reflects the subject;

Executive summary: maximum 300 words (not included in the words count) of a summary of the project aim, approach, and results.
Table of Content Page
This page lists the main parts of the project together with their page numbers.

Project Introduction (Chapter 1 500 words) i?? To include Aim and Objectives: maximum with specific research aim and 2 i?? 3 SMART Objectives (in bulleted list). Here, you will set out the main reasons why your chosen topic is worth researching. You will also briefly identify the main theories and controversies within the subject area. This should be followed by the aim and the 2-3 SMART objectives and a brief description of what the upcoming chapters will be about.

Literature review (Chapter 2 -1250 words) Here, you will critically review the academic literature relevant to the project aim (problem or opportunity) and objectives.

Research Methods (Chapter 3 i?? 500 words) Here, you will briefly discuss the philosophy of research. Why you have chosen the research method you have decided to use; followed by the details of what you did to get the data that you will be presenting in the next chapter. Subject issues that you should be discussing are Piloting, Sampling, Reliability and Validity, Triangulation (if you are doing both quantitative and qualitative research methods) and limitations of the research methods; followed by a conclusion.

Findings (Chapter 4 1000 words) i?? Here, you will present your findings. This chapter is fairly straightforward. You review the business case and the environment; if you are doing quantitative analysis, you will have graphs, charts and or tables to present. Each graph, chart and or table must be numbered and clearly titled. Each should be about half a page and be clear for the reader to see. If you are doing qualitative analysis, extract from the interviews you conducted should be presented (these should be in italics and in i??speech marksi??) to highlight the themes that will be evident from the interviews; followed by a conclusion.

Synthesis of the Findings / Discussion (Chapter 5 -1250 words)
In the previous chapter you presented the data from the research. Now you must i??synthesizei?? the findings, critically analysed in terms of the existing literature and in relation to your project aim and object

Conclusion (Chapter 6
This chapter will include recommendations in terms of further..