Oes terrorism work as a means of changing world policies? (International relations paper)

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I need this essay to be done by sunday morning please, (6 pages)

The topic is: Does terrorism work as a means of changing world policies?

description: In this essay i will focus on the constructivist idea of terrorism in promotong and changing world policies, i will also question the idea od whether it really works with examples of terrorist acts and how it affected differnt regions such as the madrid bombing, 9/11 and the london bombings. i will also look closely at these bombing and whether terrorist groups achieved that they wanted and how effective it was in shaping differnt policies. i will also distinguish between the 3 differnt acts and its effect on the countries behaviour and their policy changing. i should focus on the consequences of the institutial idea of terrorism on International relations where does it work and where doesnt it work. And what are the unforseen result of the use of their tactic.

If possible use sources from these books,

-Cases in International Relations by Donald M. Snow (2nd Edition)
-and Case Histories in International Politics by Kendall W. Stiles (5th Edition)
-Jihad Vs Mc World. terrorisms challenge to democracy by Benjamin R. Barber

It is VERY important that any other sources used either from books or websites should be sourced specifically by footnotes or beside the quotation.

Thank you