Oes the American Media Influence Elections & Shape Public Opinion?

Topic: Does the American Media Influence Elections & Shape Public Opinion?


1. Articulate your position; Think critically about your position and defend it. Remember that, one of the most frustrating aspects may be peers who ”just go along for the ride,not contributing effectively. This cannot affect the grade of others. Each student is graded on the quality and quantity of their own participation.

2. Please make sure that the consensus report of the analysis contains a closely reasoned argument for a specific thesis & organize Your Analysis Appropriately  in fact, you might summarize some facts about your topic, state whether or not you approve of it specifically and/or in general.

3. You are expected to structurally start your paper with an analysis that must consist of a (a) general introduction, (b) a list of facts about your group s topic issue (c) statement of your personal beliefs about the crux of your topic and (d) some conclusions about the assigned case in general  and include rational, persuasive argument that makes use of logic.

4. Develop a Clear Thesis  and please avoid submitting a ”kitchen sinkresponse that brings up several points that make no sense. Even if there are not total agreements in your group on your topic from a personal standpoint, it is expected that you should be able to agree on the argument that will be made. You have to understand that in most cases, arguing for something you dont agree with is a great learning experience.


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