Oes the anti-sweatshop movement help or harm workers in low-wage economies?”

The approach to the problem of sweatshop labor is a topic of debate on some college campuses. Click on the link below and take some time to learn how the opinion of an Economist from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) differs from the opinion of the Scholars Against Sweatshop Labor from the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts.

(scroll down to Does the anti-sweatshop movement help or harm workers in low-wage economies?and click on Full debate”)
Consider the alternatives in an impartial manner and form your own opinion on this policy matter. Apply your critical thinking skills to develop and support your opinion. Compose a two page written report that explains your opinion on this issue, provides support for your point of view, and demonstrates aspects of critical thinking.

Three-part structure for the written report:

1. Explain the significance of the debate surrounding the anti-sweatshop movement and boycotts, including implications or consequences of the boycotts.
2. Summarize the arguments in favor of and against the boycotts, including the reasoning or justification for each side.
3. Express and support your point of view, including advantages and possible disadvantages of your approach.