Oes the developed world have an obligation to give aid to the developing world?

This should be a closing speech for a debate on the topic-Does the developed world have an obligation to give aid to the developing world, I am in the affirmative team, so yes we should give aid to the developing world.

These are my teams main points:Arguments (for which evidence is needed):

1. can be used to improve critical economic infrastructure (see: Marshall Plan following WWII)
2. can be used to foster social change (See: development of democracy, womenas rights, and so on)
3. in the search for growth at home, governments must help to create opportunities abroad (see: chinaas huge investments and aid packages in Africa)
4. moral obligation to provide aid (see: atrocities of the past, designing states with no regard for their economic independence, and so on. In the same way the UK abolished the lucrative slave trade because people felt it was wrong, we know that immense inequality is wronga¦ we recognize this at home and take steps to correct it so surely we must do so internationally as well)
5. the realization of global public goods (ie. Things that are beneficial to the entire world): global health, environmental welfare, economic stability, and international security.

The speech should also be creatively written, use of rhetorical devices is good.

Referencing Requirements:
All should be referenced, even in text referencing.