Oes the diagnosis of vitiligo or loss of skin pigmentation have a psychological impact on adult suffers in UK?

Please write only the systematic literature review because I have already done my methodology.
Write the work according to my aim and objectives.
My aim is: to explore the literature and establish whether a diagnosis of vitiligo is associated with deterioration in psychological well being on people suffering from the condition.
My objectives are to determine:
1. How many people suffer from the condition in UK
2. Diagnosis and causation
3. Available treatments
4. Financial consequences
5. Psychological effects
6. Gender difference
7. Public interpretation
8. Employment
Summarise and critically comment of a publish work relevant to the topic upon some of the sources used
Please use these electronic databases: PubMed,Cochrane library,NHS(Health information resources),Wed of science,Inter nurse,Science direct.
Could please you use sub headings when writing
And attached a table of index