Oes the East Asian miracle prove mercantilism or liberalism right? (International Political Economy)

Dear writer
I had a billing problem.
I think you already have my edited essay.
I have not enough time.
And this essay is really really important for me.
thank you.

It need to be resized to 3400-500 words(max.3500)
My tutor said,
Essay is NOT about brief history, NOT a summary
-Answer the question!! Point
-with Strong conclusion!!
-Introduction, Opening!!! important
-All claims have to be backed up!!
-Simple statistics would be OK
But Im struggling(please see strengths and weaknesses)

*If you can, I want to use my current researches.(Ive spent really much time on that. but its up to you)
And U.K. english is preferred.
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Strengths & Weaknesses: My essay need to be resized to 3400-3500 words. and,
fix inconsistency
correct weak argument
make clear overlapped contents
correct grammars
references(harvard style)