Oes The Fear Of Crime Match To The Levels Of Victimisation?


YOUS SHOULD use books on fear of crime and victimisation.
Use the Home Office Website in regards to victimisation.
Use the British Crime Survey.

I expect this disseration to be of a grade A or first class standard.
I would like the dissertation to be very TIGHT, SPECIFIC and FOCUSSED to the actual title.
I want regular contact with the writer, to update me on the progress and development of the dissertation.

Below are details of the criteria and other requirements of the dissertation. THESE MUST BE FOLLOWED VERY CLOSELY.

8,000 word project EXCLUDING appendices, bibliography and footnotes/ end notes.


The dissertation MUST consider the following:

Theoretical Framework

1. It is important that you develop a theoretical framework for your project.

2. Incorporating a theoretical perspective(s) is largely about learning to think about issues and problems from a number of different perspectives. Consider your key research questions and review the relevant literature associated with your topic  by doing this you will become familiar withy the main arguments, perspectives and theories related to your key themes. it may well be the case that there are gaps in the literature or that there are conflicting theories.

3. At honours level you should be actively involved in theorising and evaluating the theories of others. When evaluating any theory, outline the assumptions the researcher is making and state whether you agree or disagree with those assumptions, giving your reasons. Identifying gaps in the literature could be used as part of your rationale for investigating aspects of an area further.

4. The theoretical component of your project is an important one and as such you must reflect very carefully upon this aspect of your work.

Methodological Approach

1. You must consider what type of methodology you are going to use in your project, stating why you are going to use this form of methodology  a library based approach or an empirical based approach. THIS DIISERTATION WILL BE LIBRARY BASED.

2.You should bear in mind the rationale of the research proposal, the nature of the research topic and the characteristics of the research subjects when choosing a particular approach.

3.The reasons for the final choice and the strengths and limitations of the resultant design should be made explicit in your research project.

4.If you choose to adopt a library-based approach it is vital that you undertake a rigorous critical review of the literature in your chosen topic.

Literature Review

1. You must be aware of the range and availability of secondary sources with your research topic. Sources must be cited to support any reference to published evidence. There may be instances in which sociologists disagree about the interpretation of evidence, especially if there is conflicting evidence.

2. Do not just provide a description of various arguments or sources. Try to read critically with an inquiring mind  what is the evidence? is it all relevant? What are the implications? Try to distinguish between opinions, assertions, facts and speculation (particularly when using internet sources). In your reading you will come across many side issues which you may find interesting. Do not digress! Keep your title and your terms of reference in mind and concentrate on the material relevant to your immediate needs.

The Dissertation should take the following structure:

Preface (150/200 word abstract summarising the project)

Acknowledgements (if any)

Table of contents (with page numbers)

List of abbreviations (if any)

List of diagrams, tables (if any)

The TEXT Introduction, chapters, conclusion

Endnotes (if any)



How will my project be assessed?

Projects will be assessed upon the following assessment criteria:

1. The Argument  the assessment of the adequacy of the overall argument, its coherence, integration and use of data, the logical progression in the argument and critical awareness.

2. The Research Problem  assessment of the overall sense of purpose and clarity of the research question/problem.

3. Use of Theory  assessment of the project s awareness of and grounding in sociological theory (broadly defined or in the form of a distinct hypothesis).

4. Literature Review  assessment of how the project is located within a review of appropriate quantity and quality of literature.

5. The Methodology  assessment of the choice of methodology (broadly including everything from primary data collection to the analysis of secondary sources) covering its justification, ethics, application and the appreciation of its strengths and weaknesses.

6. Presentation assessment of how well the project is written and structured and its conformity to academic conventions (referencing, bibliography, treatment of tables and figures).

In order to achieve a grade A dissertation,it MUST have the following

1. Extremely strong internal consistency making the project a convincing whole which addresses the original research question; evidence originality and freshness of argument; impressive use of the information gathered to sustain the argument; critical awareness of the strength and limitations of the project.

2. Very clearly formulated research question with a clear sociological focus.

3. Extensive and critical awareness of and grounding in sociological theory.

4. Extensive reading which has been critically evaluated and explicitly related to the research question.

5. Very clear appreciation of relevant methodological issues; very clearly presented rationale for the methodological approach adopted; extremely systematic and appropriate information gathering and analysis; critical awareness of the strengths and limitations of the approach taken.

6. Fully and appropriately referenced, well presented; very clear use of language.