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Research Paper

Final paper and all required materials must be turned in NO LATER THAN on your assigned class day. No late papers will be accepted.

Materials include:
Research question
Thesis statement
Preliminary outline
Note cards/annotated printouts (your choice) minimum of 15
Works cited page including a minimum of 5 different sources
1 magazine/journal; 1 newspaper; 1 book; 1internet source; 1 government publication
You may substitute one other source for any one of the above (ex. Interview, photograph, chart, documentary, etc.)
NOTE: a minimum of 5 citations (parenthetical documentation) must be used within your paper. They need to be from different sources.
Final outline
Rough draft
Peer editing ( 3 copies required)
Final draft complete with revisions: 1200 words (approx. 5 typed double-spaced pgs.)
Following MLA format (see handbook for sample paper)