Oes the idea of equal opportunity demand or prohibit cultural and religious exemptions in the multicultural society?

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In addition, I will list down the reading list here:

Required Reading:
1. Ayelet Shachar,  Should Church and State be Joined at the Altar? Women s Rights and the Multicultural Dilemma, in Citizenship in Diverse Societies, Kymlicka & Norman eds.

Further Reading:
1. Ayelet Shachar,  Group Identity and Women s Rights in family Law: The Perils of Multicultural Accommodation, Journal of Political philosophy 6 (1998): 285-305.
2. Ayelet Shachar, Multicultural Jurisdictions (Cambridge University press)
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4. Avigail Eisenberg,  Diversity and Equality: Three Approaches to Cultural and Sexual Difference, Journal of Political Philosophy 11 (2003): 40-64.

NOTE: Cultural and Religious Exemptions (lecture Topic)
The Case of Gender vs. Culture (tutorial Topic)