Oes the intake of multivitamins reduce the risk of preeclampsia? A critical exposition of the literature from a public health perspective.

the paper needs to explore the theory around preeclampsia. Also, there needs to be clear explanation of the term multivitamins. The discussion should evolve around the public health/health promotion perspective.

Assessment criteria:
Structure and presentation: 10%
a? Neatly presented within prescribed length and with appropriate use of appendices
and correct use of the Harvard or Vancouver referencing system (10%)
Content: 90%
a? Evidence of an introduction that articulates the rationale, including analysis of
previous work, for the critical exposition of the literature, identification of a research
question/area for exploration and aims and objectives (20%)
a? Demonstrates integration of an appropriate theoretical framework to underpin and/or
explicate the critical exposition of the literature (10%)
a? Search strategy clearly explicated (databases explored/parameters for inclusion &
exclusion/sampling criteria used) and methodology for analysis of literature clearly
demonstrated (15%)
a? Demonstration of critical analysis of findings and synthesis of studies (25%)
a? Implications/recommendations for research/practice/education are critically
discussed. Limitations are identified and appropriate conclusions drawn (20%)