Oes the ITIL Methodology Benefit Organisations? An Explanation and Evaluation of the KPIs against Performance Effects.

I would like a MBA proposal written, based on the information below. Ive selected 2 sources, but this is not important for the proposal. As soon as I have received and read the proposal I will need to place an order for a 20000 word dissertation by the same writer.
I suggest (not insist) that the disserations will have the following structure; the proposal should therefore reflect this and have enough structure/topics for me to discuss with my professor:-
Introduction, what am I trying to achieve, what approach 10%
What is ITIL he model and elements 10%
KPIs and Performance Indicators 10%
Data collection (secondary data will suffice)
Data and Measurements 25%
Analysis 25%
Conclusion 10%

This is not fixed and I will happily be advied/guided by the writer.