Oes the legalization of cannabis promote using while driving?

From the professor: a?A literature review involved critical thinking based on inferences, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation to summarize a piece or different pieces of literature. Your literature review will concentrate on a a?trendinga? topic and you will critically analyze what the scientific literature says about that topic or question.

So I chose as a tending topic, Does the legalization of cannabis promote using while driving?Since the laws in Washington State and Colorado State passed for legalizing cannabis, this topic is trending. This literature review will examine not only the effects of cannabis has on people while they drive but also whether or not cannabis use has been promoted or discouraged while driving and in what ways.

I thought some good research questions may be: 1. How is using cannabis while driving differ from texting while driving? 2. Should we expect new laws due to the increase of cannabis use while driving? 3. How does cannabis affect the body physically and mentally and how is that relevant to driving? 4. Since the legalization of cannabis, what has increased or decreased in society due to cannabis? 5. In what creative and unusual ways has the legalization of cannabis been promoted or popularized, especially around driving?

IMPORTANT: the body is 7 pages. I added an eighth page for the abstract and a 9th page because I need an outline of the paper. The tenth page is an extra page in case you need it.

Here are some links to possible resources for the paper. Please check them to see if they are reliable, scientific sources an if so, maybe you can use them: