Oes the media distort childrens perceptions of reality or validate them?

Composition 1 Research paper
Select a single aspect of American popular culture-for example but not limited to, TV commercials, movies, magazine advertisements, music, or social networking sites and write an essay discussing how that medium distorts or affirms childrenas perceptions of reality. Requirements: The paper must be at a minimum 5 complete pages and no more than 7 pages.
***Any paper handed in that is less than five complete pages will receive an F. You must research scholarly (peer reviewed) sources related to your focused topic. The most relevant sources will be within the last 5 years to ensure up to date information.
A minimum of 5 sources must be used in the research paper.
o No more than one internet site will count towards your minimum five.
o You may not use any articles from the database Issues and Controversies.
o All sources listed on the Works Cited page must be directly referred to in the paper.
o All sources need to be within the last 5 years.
Failure to meet the minimum source criteria listed above will result in an F for the research paper grade. The paper will contain a Works Cited page and must follow MLA guidelines.
Thesis must be debatable and clearly identify one media type and the specific distortion/s or affirmation/s of reality.
You must give a summation of the other sideas argument.
You must clearly illustrate the papers chosen medium of American popular culture. For example, if you write a paper that focuses on advertisements, you must actively show and discuss specific advertisements. These will be listed on the works cited page but will not count toward your minimum source count for the paper.
Choose an authentic purpose for your paper.
Choose a specific audience and complete an audience analysis (Longman Writer 20). You will write to either a wavering or hostile audience.
Third PersonNo a?Ia? or a?Youa?
Use Illustration and Argumentation as patterns of development in your essay. You may of course use others, but I do want to see active work with these patterns in the paper.
The paper will have a heading which will contain the following information:
Name Instructoras Name Course number (ENGL 1301) Date Paper Format: Standard letter-size (81/2 x 11) paper, One inch margins on all sides of paper, Double space, Font size: 12, Font: Times New Roman, Last name and pg. number in top right hand corner of each page except first.( this should be on the header and footer)
I also need Copies of Sources w/notes, Audience analysis checklist(The Longman Writer, 8th edition) Outline, and a Rough draft.
A Few Things to Consider for Evaluation Purposes: Thesis statement must be debatable and directly stated in the introduction of the paper.
Be certain to include topic sentences to express each main point.
You must give a summation of the other sideas argument.
You must illustrate the media type for analysis.
All research material used in the essay must be documented according to MLA guidelines. If it is not yours, then you must acknowledge the source. Failure to do so is plagiarism and will result in a failing grade. See plagiarism penalties in course syllabus.
All sources listed on the Works Cited page must be used and directly referred to in the essay.
Evidence should speak to a specific audience and purpose.
Be certain you have provided evidence which is both adequate and representative.
Proof carefully! *Each grammatical error will be a two point deduction. Many grammatical errors will result in a failing grade so proof carefully.
Provide all materials requested for submission. If the submission folder is missing parts, then the paper will receive an automatic F.