Respected sir
Am male nurse working as Nursing Supervisor for Ambulatory area and have been asked to submit an assignment with 6000 words and I have chosen the title for the assignment:

Learning Outcomes:

i?? Formulate a topic for individual study under the guidance of a supervisor
i?? Work individually, devise further learning outcomes, plan independent work, and manage workload and time constraints
i?? Action the work by adhering to an agreed study contract, meeting its criteria
i?? Through an in-depth search and appraisal, construct a critical review of the literature on an agreed topic.
i?? Evaluate the relevance of the literature in relation to your own field of nursing or chosen professional area.

The literature review should address the following aspects of your study:

Introduction i??

Briefly describe the purpose and scope of the topic in relation to your role as a nurse /health professional and provide an overview of the content of your review, including search strategy.

The literature review i??

You should indicate what reading you have done and what evidence you have gathered. Explain how it helped you and the relevance of the literature to the topic. In other words, provide an in-depth critique and analysis of that literature.
From this second part of your review you should then lead into the discussion section.

Discussion i??
Here you need to evaluate the relevance of the literature to the profession. Discuss what you have learnt and explain what is important and why, especially in relation to the learning outcomes in your learning contract.
Summary and conclusion i??
Provide a summary of your work, raise any particular issues and then finally bring your writing to a conclusion.
The databases to be searched should be stated together with the dates/periods when they will be accessed.
The content of your articles should be tabled in the format below. This puts all the descriptive information in a table format and leaves the words in the body of your paper for analysing the articles. You should regularly refer to the table in your paper. You may wish to make the table in landscape format.
Author/ Year Aim (s) Sample
Details Design & measures Results Conclusions Limitations

Study 1

Study 2

Search strategy
Key Words Databases Used Number of hits Number of abstracts selected for project

Total Words to be Written 6,000 words and not to exceed.
So please follow the guideline:
1-Please read the learning outcome and adhere to what been asked in the assignment.
2-Am requesting Uk writer or Uk academic writing.
3-Article should be within 8th to Ten years of Publication.
4-Reference style should be Harvard system for 2010.
5-Avoid Plagiarism

6-Time plan
Display as a Gantt chart (see example. A gnatt chart is a timeline of your project detailing the start and end dates of all the tasks you are required to undertake to complete your project/
This section will give an indication of how long each stage of the project will take and could be presented in the form of a chart or table.