Oes the reality of war not prove that the Kantian idea of perpetual peace is idealistic?

1. Choose a *specific* topic for your analysis of any philosopher or group of philosophers (at maximum three authors). In other words, focus on presenting the key aspects of a fundamental problem weve seen in class (ex., Lockes notion of property, and its critique by Spencer and Marx; or, Isaiah Berlin and Quentin Skinner on negative liberty: a critical comparison; or, Rawls on the difference principle: prospects and limits) , and *not* on a short intellectual biography or something like that. Also, be sure to engage with the concepts and arguments of the authors, and not on adapting the concepts of political philosophy to more empirical considerations proper to the field of comparative politics.

2. Use only *primary sources* for your citations, and if youd like to make use of the whole primary source in the library (i.e., to examine the context of an excerpt given in the textbook) that is fine, but by no means required.

3. Once youve chosen your precise topic, draft your outline focusing on the one or two *essential* ideas of your paper.

4. With your outline and relevant citations at hand, draft a clear introduction which succinctly indicates: a) the main points you will be making, and b) what your critical evaluation (i.e., your thesis) will be. As Ive emphasized in the past, if properly undertaken, this stage alone would comprise something like 60% of your work on the paper. The point is to determine very exactly what youre going to argue and how youre going to do it, and to make that clarity immediately apparent in your introduction.

5. Limit your essay to ten double-spaced pages. In the first eight pages present the key aspects of your authors or authors views on your particular topic –that is, the essential components that frame and lead up to your argument –and in the last two pages argue the argument itself (state your own critical perspective).

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there is no extra instructions.
Only the above are enough