Oes the research evidence support using caesarean section for reducing mother to baby transmission of hepatitis C during labour and birth?

The structure of your literature review should include Introduction, Summary of Original Research, Discussion, and Conclusion. By reviewing and critiquing existing epidemiological research, including evaluating the strength of the epidemiological evidence for and against the chosen topic found in the current literature, you should gain a better understanding of epidemiological methods and their strengths and weaknesses. You could summarise the information from the original research articles (at least four)

In your discussion, you should consider whether the differences between the conclusions of the various studies might be explained by methodological factors.
For example:
i § What research methods were used?
i § What methodological limitations may have contributed to the results?
i § Do different research methods yield different results?
i § What are the limitations of each of the studies?
i § Do you think that the conclusions of the various studies might be influenced by:
i­ Choice of research design?
i­ Sampling biases and sample size differences?
i­ Measurement techniques?
i­ Other sources of error/bias/confounding?
i­ Have the authors discussed the limitations of their research?
In your Conclusion, you should finish with your own conclusion whether you think the hypothesis is true or not.