Oes the so-called Credit crunchsignal the end, or the beginning, of globalisation?

I need this piece of work for an essay writing course. I study literature and I dont have a very specific knowledge about this topic (so, please, write the essay consequently.) I ask you to write a clear essay, with well defined introduction and conclusion and 6-7 paragraphs (of 200-250 words each), developping one point in each of them. Above all, the essay has to be clear, fluent, in a good form and with a well organized plan.
For the sources (important! almost 3/4 of them have to be written in english language!), I would ask you to use predominantly articles, and possibly one book. Can you send me after all the detailed bibliography (with the relative page of the book, if necessary)? The bibliography will be very important in the complex of the work!
It is possible to add short quotations.

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