Oes the tertiary education have effect on Economy growth in China?

The data and the regression results might be helpful. The data comes from the world data bank.Heres the website,home.do

What you should do is asking an original research question, gather data, perform relevant economic analysis, and present your results. This course gives you an opportunity to use the analytical skills obtained in your economics courses to write a formal report on an economic issue.

Formatting of Assignments (including Final Report):
Your report must satisfy the following criteria:
1. The body of your paper must be between 10 and 12 pages not including title page, equations, graphs, figures, tables, appendices, or references.
2. The report should be double-spaced and use 12 point a?Times New Romana? font.
The margins should be 1 inch on all sides.
3. All pages should be numbered.
4. You must label all graphs, figures, and tables and reference each one in the text.
5. Any reference in the bibliography must be appropriately cited within the text. Failure to do is considered plagiarism

The quality of the final report is graded based on the level of analytical skill and intuition demonstrated (e.g. whether you can analyze the issue critically, argue logically, how original your ideas are, etc.) and the presentation of the report (e.g. how well you explain difficult concepts and arguments, the coherence and clarity of the presentation, the amount of spelling and grammatical errors, etc.).

In particular, the following will be graded:
a? Does the report provide an answer based on economic theory or economic principles?
a? Has enough data been provided?
a? Is it written in a clear, concise, and grammatically correct style?
a? Are spelling and word usage correct?
a? What type of references and sources were used?
a? Has the student turned in ALL of the assignments for the course?

Remember that the analysis part is the most important.

(I have done the regression model for my chosen topic , I hope its helpful.

Regression output
Dependent variable is GDP (US$ billion)
R squared 0.877279747
Coefficient p-value
Intercept -261.30901316 0.13458
School enrollment, tertiary(% gross) 181.8437507 6.85943E-13

y-Intercept -261.309013158395
School enrollment, tertiary(% gross) 181.8437507
Using these two variables, the formula becomes: y 181.8437507 X -261.3090131

R^2 0.877279747635247 is close to 1, so there is strong correlation between two variables.
P-value is small enough, so we can reject the null hypothesis and ensure that the regression is significant.