Oes the UK government provide its kinship carers with the support needed to sustain long term care.

Introduction (about 500 words)

You should succinctly:

i?? Describe your placement setting and your role within the setting
i?? Describe your topic
i?? Say how you think the chosen topic is relevant to social work practice in the placement setting
i?? Say why you think this is an important area of knowledge to explore
i?? Introduce (briefly) the subtopics you will cover in the review of the literature
i?? Make very brief reference to how you set about the review, search strategies, and choosing a focus.

Review of the Literature (about 3,500 words)

This should be a critical review of the literature related to your topic, with a particular emphasis on research based knowledge. You should divide this into sections using the subtopics that you think are best for logically presenting what you have found out.

Some suggestions:

i?? The large part of the literature review should be a discussion of what you have learned from your reading about your chosen topic
i?? Although we suggest a topic based approach, you may chose to focus on a few key research studies and write about these in depth if this works best for your subject (depending on the quality/quantity of the literature). Do make sure that you still consider the state of knowledge on your topic from a wider perspective (see point below).
i?? Although this assignment is focussed on research based knowledge, it is also valuable to consider relevant and up to date social work theory, policy and opinion papers
i?? Your discussion should show some knowledge of how research aims and methods had an impact on the findings of research and therefore the validity and quality of these findings. Use the process you used in the formative task to evaluate the quality of the research.
i?? You should demonstrate an awareness of ethical issues in research, both in relation to what is researched and how.
i?? You can start identifying the key messages that you will explore further in the next section

Applications to Practice and Conclusion (about 1000 words)

This is an important section in which you need to consider why what you have found out is important and how this might inform your practice and social work practice more generally. You might consider:

i?? What are the really important things you have found out? Key messages?
i?? How might this new knowledge enhance your future practice?
i?? Are there gaps in your knowledge/the research? Why?
i?? Are there implications for the placement setting?
i?? Can you identify any fundamental principles here?
i?? Are there assumptions made about this topic that need to be rethought in your view?
i?? Is practice in this area consistent with social work values?
i?? How can you use this knowledge now or in the future to promote best practice?


i?? Your work should be professionally presented, and fully referenced in accordance with the Harvard referencing convention as used at Northumbria.
i?? Your work should have a title page identifying your question
i?? Your work should have a contents page with pages clearly numbered.