*Words: 400-450 words
*The body: will be 2 paragraphs One of them is the first main problem The second paragraph is another main problem
*The introduction: no citation in Introduction
1Some General informations
2-The definition of ….. Some benefits and negatives from text 1 and 2
In the final sentence Must write like this style (( this essay examine some issues of using biofuels and this essay will argue that the use of biofuels cant address global warming in a desirable way focusing on environment and social problems)) Must has the same final sentence and answer question by decide if it is benifcail or negative
*The body:
Must be a clear in each paragraph:
1First sentense in the body paragraph: Must be a clear topic sentence in each paragraph such as ((climate change is a serious environmental problem that is directly caused by urban sprawl and motorization))
2Must my position has to include some points to support my position (( it takes from only texts that I will send it and no another research or source)) in each paragraph
The position in each paragraph Must write first the negative position thing that is taking from any text from NELSON or Roger HAMMOND then the positive position thing that is taking from another text from from NELSON text or Roger HAMMOND text
3Give evidence from only the texts that I will send them to you ((( Sentence will be the negative thing before benefit sentence and give reason why it is more benefit )) in each paragraph
4Have to use Although , while, cause and effect report words in each paragraph
5have to use citation in each paragraph and Must write ( Author,Number of paragraph in the text)
6Each paragraph must have comparing between rather solution and why
7Must each paragraph has conclude sentence by using (Thus, … Or Therefore ..)) then has to answer question is it more positive or negaive ..!!
Note:1Sourses are only the texts that i will send it to you but the citation must be more than 3 ONlY NELSON or Roger HAMMOND citation not a new authour
2Must be follow the structre of simple essay that I will send it to you
3Must the topice sentense will be a clear and the conclusion sentense answer Question by using (thus,.. or therefore )

Conclusion paragraph: Summary essay