Please Follow my instruction strictly because my lecturer is so strict about the instruction.

I will provide 9 Journals for you to read and use for to references in this essay because IT A MUST TO USE JOURNALS THAT THE LECTURER PROVIDED, OTHERWISE WILL FAIL.

In this essay please divide into pattern like followings

Introduction 300 words

Body 2400 words

Conclusion 300 words.

Introduction --set the main themes and intentions: describe the issue you are addressing, identify its main components, and indicate what you are going to do in the body of your essay.

-Main bodybreak down your arguments into main parts, divided into several sections, CRITICAL EVALUATION FROM THE LITERATURES

Conclusion Summarise your arguments , What is the main significance of what your have been saying?

In the main body , please do the sub headings e.g.
-Roles of accounting in the organization
Main factors

the sub-heading that you provide at the beginning of each section in the main body makes the reader read this essay easier and it is considered as a well-organised essay.


In the essay:

Paraphrase(read from journals then summarise in your own words) : Johnson (1999) stated that......... or put (Johnson, 1999) at the back of that sentence

Direct quote: Johnson (1999, p.2) stated that ”.......or put (Johnson, 1999, p.2) at the back of that sentence.
***direct quote, dont forget the page number****

In the biblio:

Journals : Armstrong, P. (2002) a?Management, Image and Management Accounting.a Critical Perspectives on Accounting 13, pp. 281a 295

Books : Johnson, M. 1999. Social Research Methods. London: Oxford University Press.

Internet source: Johnson, M. 1999. Accounting and representations(Online). Name of publisher. available at: http:// Use at least 6 Journals (from 9) that I provided
2. Paraphrase rather than put the exact quote because my lecturer told me to do the paraphrasing
3. References in full like I gave you an example both in essay and in biblio
4. Use textbooks 3-4 books because it a must from the lecturer in order to make a reliable evidence
5. Please return the finish essay with full references in time of my deadline because I have to revise word by word before hand in online to university system.
P.S. This module called Accountability, Representation and Control , Master degree in UK