Oes UN peacekeeping work? Give reasons for your answer.

This essay is part of a module called International Organization: The UN System, and is a Stage 2 Undergraduate piece of coursework, equal to 50% of the final mark for the specific module.

As for the structure, you could provide a brief background for the UN Peacekeeping(say 600-750 words), and discuss the shift from the Cold War peacekeeping period to the post-Cold War peacekeeping period since 1991 but dont dwell on it too much. An interesting question that you could bring into the discussion is this: Contemporary peace keeping is not a purely altruistic enterprise. If not, do you think this invalidates the sense and the utility of the mission? Another good question that you could take into account is this: Paris Roland claims peace operations should be construed as a modern version of the colonial-era mission civilisatrice, at least insofar as these operations involve the transmission of norms of appropriate or a?civiliseda conduct from the core of the international system to the peripherya. Do you agree?

However, if you do not feel comfortable and you are not sure about adding these questions in the discussion do not worry. I just provided them so that you can have some more discussion topics.

Mainly, the focus should be on whether UN peacekeeping works as an instrument or not, while providing case studies to support your answer, then discuss where and why things have gone wrong or not, and if there are any areas for improvement.

The main attention should thus be given in critically analyzing and discussing the work-ability and applicability of UN peacekeeping.

If you have any questions on whatever matter, please feel free to contact me at any time.

Finally, below I provide you with a reading list that is part of the curriculum for the topic of the essay. I do not specifically want to base the essay on them, just find your sources that you think are best for the discussion of the topic. However, I would like you to include some the sources in the bibliography, no matter if you use them or not.

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