Oes understanding the political, economic and cultural relations among states help us determine the international business environment?

1. The paper must delve deeply into at least two different regions/continents/nation-states (Latin America preferred)

2. It must address any relevant international relations theories and MUST use the three different perspectives to support the argument, (such as IDENTITY, REALIST, and LIBERALIST perspectives)

3. Lenses (perspectives)
-Liberalism (not the Liberalin US politics)
-Identity (aka Constructivism”)
-Critical Theory

4. Themes
-Political Development
-Economic Development

Please Do Not
-copy all the info and just cite it (like my last order)

The Research Paper should follow something similar to:
I. Introduction
a. Thesis and Synopsis of Argument
b. Structure of Paper

II. Background/Context
a. Provide context of relevant situations to increase reader appreciation

III. First Support of Thesis
a. Explanation/Context of First Support
b. With examples and evidence
c. Real-world relevance/implications

IV. Second Support of Thesis (same format as First)

V. Third Support of Thesis (same format as First)

VI. Counterarguments/Obstacles
a. What might critics of your position say? What points of theirs are
b. Any weaknesses in your own argument/findings?

VII. Conclusion
a. Tying together all supported information into their relevance to the
b. Brief admission of weaknesses
c. Relevance: how is your argument relevant? What does it add to the
overall discussion on the issue you chose?
d. a?Take homea?: what should the reader take home after reading it?