Oes Urban Crime Increase When or Where Racial Residential Segregation Exist?

Required Selection:
Abstract, Introduction, Methodology, Literature Review, Background Information, Residential Segregation, Urban Crime/Crime, Information Analysis,Conclusion, Work Cited

NO collect of data is required write based off articles found on the topic-analyze the work of other scholars.
In depth explaination of other scholars work (in relation to the topic)
Examine crime rates and trends in segregation
Explain variance across area of segregation and crime rate
Explore what causes what? Crime and residential segregation and Residential segregation and crime.
Find the correlation between cities with high and low crime rates and level of segregation.

Research methodology requires gathering relevant data from the work of scholars who have published information about the effects on racial segregation and urban crimes. I will compile serveral articles to use the material and analyze the data to determine the correlation between segregation and urban crime.

I will use these articles to identify metropolitan areas with different degrees of segregation, factors which leads to high, low, or moderate crime rates, and compare and contrast the different levels of crime in areas with different degree of segregation.

Also, I seek to analyze data which is more than 10 years old with more recent data to determine if the effect on racial segregation and urban crime was improved, worsen, or remind the same over the years.

REquired Citations:

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