Oes wal-mart do more good or bad in the world?

In the beginning intro sentence, please state that you believe that wal-mart does more bad in the world because of economic reasons, etc.

Sources: #1 The Case for Wal-Martby Karen De Coster
#2 Its the poor who make Wal-Mart tickby Liza Featherstone
#3 Why the Rich are getting Richer and the Poor, Poorerby Robert B. Reich

6 paragraphs:
1 Intro (Believes wal-mart is bad),
4 Body (For three out of four paragraphs find a quote for each paragraphs from source #1 & 2 that agrees that wal-mart is bad. Have one paragraph from either source #1 or 2 that disagrees that wal-mart is bad. In one of the body paragraphs add in a quote from source #3 to support your main idea.

Underline the thesis statement and main ideas for each body paragraphs

Please have essay done by 11/12/2013 CST 3:00PM