Ogal Inc (Case study for Managing Diversity Class)

Case study: Fogal Inc.
Term Paper: The individual term paper is the principal experiential learning element of the course. Each student will be required to submit a comprehensive scholarly paper including any corresponding recommendations and/or action plan for implementation as related to the scenario below (Fogal Inc.). For purposes of this paper, place yourself in the role of an external business consultant providing guidance on the development of a diversity program. The paper will need to identify what such a program will consist of as well what are any implications to the firm (i.e., beneficial, cultural changes, and required actions). Your recommendations should cover both policies as well as activities to promote and enforce its adoption. Just recommending that Fogal Inc. should have one is insufficient. Neither are simple recommendations like Talk with the employeesor a generalized Take a diversity training courseare sufficient recommendations to completing this assignment. This is a small company with limited resources; therefore justify and support any recommendations based on any legal requirements, empirical, and/or scholarly research. In other wordsa¦ make your recommendations and build a case to substantiate them!
Scenario: Fogal Inc. is a relatively new and small U.S. based consulting firm that has projects throughout North America and several Asia Pacific countries. It has approximately 100 employees; predominantly male with 30% of the consultants from Canada, 45% from India, and the remainder naturalized citizens of the US. The firm is expected to double in size over the next two years; creating new positions in both management, support staff, and in the consulting ranks (where work is performed predominantly at our customers premises). While Fogal Inc. recognizes that it has no formal diversity policies or supporting initiatives in place, the leadership recognizes that it should consider adopting such an approach while it is still a small company. However there is a valid concern about the cost as well as lost productivity this may have on the firms meager bottom line.
Term Paper Formatting
i § Margins: One inch on all sides (top, bottom, left, right)
i § Font Size and Type : 12-pt. font
i § Spacing: Double-space throughout the paper, including the title page, abstract, body of the document, and reference pages.
i § Alignment: Flush left (creating uneven right margin) a NOT right justified
i § Paragraph Indentation : 5-7 spaces
i § Pagination: The page number appears one inch from the right edge of the paper on the first line of every page, beginning with the title page.
i § Passive voice: As a general rule, use the passive voice rather than the active voice.
i § Order of Pages : Title Page, (Abstract), Body, References
i § APA (just to be clear) a¦APA a¦APA a¦APA
Term Paper Outline
Everyone must use the following outline when writing the term paper. This will involve using headers formatted per APA style guidelines. You may include additional sections (i.e., headers) as needed without penalty. However any deviation which does not minimally include the basics outlined below, must first be approved by the instructor.
i § Title page
i § Abstract (one paragraph synopsis)
i § Introduction (what is the reader going to read?... this is where you get to state and elaborate on what you are presenting)
i § Background (what is the relevancy? why is it driving this now?)
i § Program Overview (explain the scope of what the proposed diversity program entails)
i § Implications and Justification (you chance to explain why the organization should change at all?)
o Legal Considerations
o Ethical & Moral Considerations
o Productive Business Considerations
i § Issues, Debates, and Emergent Practices (how are other organizations coping with this? Are there any issues that are still unresolved? Any novel approaches?)
i § Policies (what existing policies should be modified, what new ones are you suggesting be adopted?)
i § Training (is there any formal training required to enact new policies? How much? Who is targeted? What does it consist of? Who will do it? Can you substantiate using scholarly sources there will be value from implementing it?)
i § Organizational Changes (what org or cultural changes be required? How can you guarantee this is not just another flavor of the month campaign? Remember, scholarly often involves researching peer-reviewed journals)
i § Factors of Success (how will I know if this really will make a difference? What do you propose to measure? Back it up with scholarly research)
i § Summary of Recommendations (what was the paper about a recap specific action steps, timelines or phased approaches to implementation, and/or commitment of resources a both internal and external)
i § References (include all sources!) at least( two scholarly references)
i § Appendixes (optional)
Evaluation Criteria
I will be evaluating each of the papers according to the following criteria:
1. Cogency: The quality of the paperas organizational structure and overall fluency (including topic sentences, transitions, varied sentence and paragraph lengths, and strong closing statement) supports the intended purpose of the paper.
2. Analytical complexity: There is sufficient depth of critical thought about the topic and its implications.
3. Supporting Evidence: The extent to which the paperas assertions are supported by sufficient textual evidence, examples, data, and reasoning (e.g., peer-reviewed sources).
4. Diction and Clarity: The tone and the style of writing is logical, unambiguous, and appropriate for the intended audience
5. Mechanics: Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and format are mechanically correct
6. Documentation: All sources are identified (i.e., cited) and the term paper meets all APA style guidelines