Ognitive and emotional response papera?

Collect six advertisements and identify the types of cognitive and or emotional responses consumers might have when seeing and reading the ads. based on readings and class discussions. explain how successful and in what specific ways you believe each ad will be in changing consumers attitudes. your document needs to describe the cognitive and or emotional responses that consumers might have when seeing and reading the ads. you are to provide an analysis for all six ads.
this analysis requires you to determine and state the specific demographic, geo-demographic descriptors such as those created by PRIZM, VALS, Claritis.com, psycho-graphics, profiles based on research you believe are the target market(s) ( in descriptive measurable terms) for each advertisement.
The paper must include a cover page, table of contents, headings,subheadings,page numbers,,references and copies of the ads.
Locate three ads, commercials, etc., examples of marketing stimuli that depend on an ethnic or religious stereo-type to communicate a message. For each ad you are to provide the following:
1document the media,etc., as to where this specific ad was being shown.
2state the times of day, days and mediums used to show the advertisement.
3explicitly state and document the product or service being advertised.
4estimate the age range, ethnic group or religion of potential viewers that you believe the ad is targeting.
in addition you must state how effective you think each ad is and the specific appeals were and why you believe that appeal was chosen to address its target audience. also clearly label and include a screen shot or copy of each advertisement.