Ognitive Behavioral Therapy increases self-esteem in codependant adult females.

My Assignment: The research proposal should be a program evaluation designed to evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency, or impact of a counseling intervention, program, or service. You must use quantitative methods, not qualitative. This is a group project and my part is the Literature Review/Background. I need to discuss what is already known about the clinical problem and variables under investigation of my study. The discussion should lay the foundation and then build logically to the research question (i.e. the literature tells us X and Y, but little is known about Z, so…. (thus the purpose of the study).

Problem: Codependent females have low self-esteem.
Question: Will Cognitive Behavioral Therapy increase self-esteem in codependent females?
Hypothesis: CBT will increase self-esteem in codependent females.

Our method is to give the Codependency Questionnaire (CdQ). Do an evaluation of the questionnaires. Treat them with CBT for 6 months. Then doing the evaluations again.