Ognitive behavioral therapy to treat substance abuse

3 Research Paper on a specific topic approved by the instructor in personality theory or abnormal psychology EXCEPT Freud (30 points). Topics of interest often include bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and Jungs theory of personality. Students write an original paper of at least 10 pages (charts and tables do not count toward the page limit), double-spaced, and typed, using APA format. This proposal may not be taken from previous work/research written by the student.
At least the following sections must be included: 1.background and description
2. treatment (if applicable) 3. how the information in the paper could be applied to assist students in the classroom (if applicable)
4. A description of reasons the student selected the topic
sources need to be current.

Cognitive behavioral therapy to treat substance abuse

Substance abuse has affected this writeras family. Many students struggle with substance abuse