Ognitive Behavioral Therapy with Verbal Abuse

1. The purpose of this paper is to review the literature on Becks cognitive theory with verbal abuse victim. The literature review will be illustrated with specific cases.
2. The writer should be a psychologist with Ph.D. degree
3. I will fax my first 20 pages to be checked by the writer and the writer is allowed to change as many as needed to make the paper perfect and plagiarism free
4. The case that I wrote on page 16 to 20 is based on actual client, using Becks cognitive therapy (the writer might want to change the sentences, because most of the sentences are copied directlly from Becks / Judith books) and it should be plagiarism free.
5. I will down load some of the material done by the writter to be submitted to the professors to be approved as soon as the material becomes available.