Ognitive Behavioral Treatment Modalities For PTSD In Police Officers

A minimum of 10 pages and a maximum of 12 pages which includes the title page, abstract page, and reference page(s). In other words, the introduction/body/conclusions of the paper should be at least 7 FULL pages (and therefore the title page, abstract page, and reference page shall be 3 pages, which equals the 10 page minimum.
Topic/Title: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Treatment Modalities for PTSD in Police Officersbut be sure to discuss treatment interventions and outcomes effectiveness. Make sure it describes the therapy approach in detail, utilizing supporting articles that describe interventions and outcomes/effectiveness based on this therapy approach
You MUST USE AT LEAST 5 professional scholarly scientific peerreviewed journal articles. Textbooks may be used as reference citations also, BUT ONLY TO SUPPLEMENT the 5 required research articles. The course textbook will be helpful in writing the description of the therapy approach and the articles will likely be most useful in their effectiveness.
APA style. It would be very useful to purchase the manual.
There should be 3 main sections of the body of paper including the introduction, the body and the conclusion. The body should have subsections, logically organizing the paper by headings.
References should be listed on the reference page, and they should be cited as in-text citations at LEAST ONCE, if not more in the BODY of the paper.
A minimum of five different scholarly references, i.e., peer-reviewed professional scientific scholarly journal articles (NOT websites, magazines or newspaper articles). Hint: in text citations serve the purpose of giving other authoras credit for their research, ideas or actual quotes, and should be cited as LEAST ONCE, for each reference on the reference page, if not more, in the BODY of the paper.
Textbooks may be used only to supplement the 5 articles.

Helpful Hint: Provide sub-headings for the various sections, per APA and sub-sections of your paper, which organizes it for the reader, and makes it more coherent. Also, use proper English, and professional vocabulary.
All Papers will be scanned electronically for originality (i.e. to ensure no plagiarism has occurred).

In summary, write a term paper providing a detailed discussion of the major aspects of the therapy, using at least 5 different scholarly references, that correspond to the in-text citations (NOT WEBSITES, rather Professional Scientific Peer-reviewed, Scholarly Journal Articles) that relate to your discussion. Include a title page, an abstract page, the body (intro, topic focus, conclusion) and a Reference page. Text books may be used to supplement the 5 articles. NOTE: I have one source that I need to use and also have to use the textbook as a source but it is not counted as one of the 5 sources.