Ognitive Behaviour Therapy and Psychosis


a?Explore how Cognitive Behaviour Therapy worksa? In your answer describe how CBT understands and treats the clientas problem, give a specific example, you may choose the treatment of anxiety or delusional thinking. Assess the pros and cons of CBT in your answer.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Psychosis Verity Henderson
This lecture explores working with people who have delusions and how a cognitive therapy can work. We look in depth in how to work with delusional misperceptions with a CBT approach. Here we refer to psychotic type thought disorder, rather than long term psychotic patients or those in the throw of a fully blown psychosis. What is meant by psychosis will be addressed in the lecture.

Reading : Fowler D, Garety P and Kuipers E (1995)
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Psychosis: Theory and Practice.