Ognitive Behavioural Therapy single case research proposal (4000words)

My assignment requires that I design a small scale CBT single case research proposal (4000 words) that could be implemented in clinical paractice (mental health) and provide information about the process of therapeutic change.
Part 1 of the proposal will take the form of a literature review detailing relevant psychological theory and discussing previous research in the area (2500 words). It is expected that this sction will show an understanding of a specific CBT model and provide a clear rational for the research proposal.
Part 2 (1500 words) will detail exactly how the proposal could be put into practice under headings below.
Research question/hypothesis: ie Exactly what question are you attempting to answer ? What do you hope to learn fronm the study?
Experimental design: ie Why is this an appropriate design for this research question compared to other methods?
Method: ie operationalise independant and dependant variables.
Participant: ie What kind of participant? inclusion and exclusion criteria
Measures: ie Ideographic and standardised
Clinical intervention: ie What would the intervention look like?
Data analysis: ie How would the data be presented or analysed (need to demonstrate through graphs etc which could be in appendix)
Ethical considerations: ie What ethical issues might be encountered? How could you justify the ethical considerations of this study? How could you safeguard against ethical problems?
Petential problems/obstacles: ie What potential problems might you encounter and how would you deal with them?

Part 1 of study must include a diagram of a specific CBT model with discussion theory underpinning it.
I have not developed a specific research question but have ideas of what it may entail. ie It would be useful if you could develop one around Obsessive Complusive Disorder (perhaps using a Salkovskis OCD model) . As explained above the model chosen would help guide the intervention. Maybe something related to OCD and problem (or compulsive ) gambling?
I would like the assignment text to be justified.

Recommended bibliography for assignment includes;
Blampied, N, M (1999). A legacy Neglected: Restating the case for Single case Research in CBT.
Grayson, H James, C & Butcher, N (1999). Handbook of Research Methods in Clinical Psychology.
Kaxdin, A(1998). Research Design in Clinical Psychology.
Roth, P & Fonaghy, P (eds) (1996). What works for Whom: A Critical Review of Psychotherapy Research.

The term method not Methodologyto be used and in assignment. Also, the assignment should begin by detailing the research methods (electronic, search engines, library etc