Ognitive dissonance theory in persuasive messages

The instructions of this paper is to explain the theory of cognitive dissonance in persuasion and then go into the topic of how cognitive dissonance works in commercials or persuasive messages by choosing one ad or one persuasive message and refer it to the theory of cognitive dissonance.
(please provide a hard copy or a photo of the message, if it was a video, then send me the link to it on the bottom of the document otherwise just do a screen shot of it)
I tried to find an ad that is based on cognitive dissonance but I couldnt find one, sorry about that.
The professor provided instructions of the paper:
Introduction/Statement of Purpose
In this essay I will describe the theory of ___ and then show how it explains the persuasive strategy apparent in a television ad campaign for _
(Note: This is an example, and certainly not the only way this can be done.)
Body of paper:
Presentation of theory or concept
Application to persuasive message
** Hard copy or evidence of the persuasive message
**The professor will not grade my paper without the evidence of the message.
Thank you!!!!!!
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